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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  June 25, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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>> breaking right now on "action news," a fast-moving fire guts a home in south jersey now officials are trying to figure out if the flames are related to power problems. >> a pro sports team is opening its stadium to storm victims today. >> mayor nutter is meeting with his counterpart in rome as part of the hope's big visit in the fall. good morning, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han joins us, let's go over to david
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murphy for thursday's weather and matt pellman is in for karen. >> reporter: as matt has been saying there's a lot of squinting going on with the sunshine and we'll have thicker clouds build s.a.t day goes on. -- balanced as the day goes on. we're dealing with power crews dealing with the downed wires from tuesday's storm. if you see downed wires stay away from them, while they look dead they could re-energize at any time. 59 degrees in allentown. 59 in reading right now. cool and comfortable up north 62 in trenton. 69 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in wilmington, if you're heading to the boardwalk for an early morning stroll with the sun coming up. get on the shades and enjoy yourself. 68 degrees by the water. it's going to be a warm one this afternoon, accuweather says 72 by 8:00. 82 by noon, 3:00 p.m.
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86 degrees, clouds increasing, late today and this evening there's a chance of pop-up shower or isolated thunderstorm. take cover from those if they hit, but most of the day it's dry which is good for the tall ships. matt pellman what do the roads look like early on. >> reporter: because of the downed wires it meant not a lot of power to serve the mass transit line the last few days, david. this morning things are looking better as we look at the mass transit situation patco back up and running on the thursday track work she schedule, there's service at wood crest station earlier this morning there was no service they resumed service at wood crest station. ac rail line not running njt buses cross honor the tickets. septa buses are back up and norm heading to chester. septa rails the line lines are on time and norristown high
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speed line is running between norristown and radnor. on the roads building volume as we look live at the schuylkill expressway. eastbound come the headlights toward the curve you'll see a crowd it will be slow, aattributable to the sun declare. a bunch of downed wires from the storms the other day in caln township, bondville road is blocked. cherry hill, route 70 at springdale road a couple of lanes out of commission. rubble is all that is left of a south jersey home after flames erupted. flames broke out at 2:30 on the 100 block of southampton township. the fast-moving fire spread through the house extending to
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the garage. the homeowner was at a neighbor's house the blaze started shortly after power was restored to the block. thousands are waiting for their power to come back, atlantic city had more than 128,000 customers who were off line. peco is working to restore service to 58,000 homes and business businesses, half of them are in delaware county. that's where we find katherine scott she is live in brook haven on where people are still going through it. what else the latest on the relief for the storm victims. >> reporter: good morning, tam that's right there's been progress but there's a ways to go peco is working to restore power and crews are out clearing roads and debris. in the meantime, shelters are opening up, clueing this one at borough hall in brook haven another big one is opening up today. the storm was intense the damage
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widespread. thousands remained without power and in brook haven hundreds have come to the shelter at borough hall for food and ice a place to charge their phones. several shelters have opened in delaware county and today at 11:00 a.m. ppl park in chester will open its doors for residents to eat shower and cool off. >> we're targeting senior citizens in the city of chester and disabled residents who may need assistance in the city, all residents are well cull but that was a -- are welcome but that was a need we identified. >> reporter: yesterday, delaware county issued a state of emergency, officials are in touch with the governor to make sure residents get the necessary resources. >> electricity will be restored sometime during friday, peco indicated to us, as late as saturday. >> reporter: three brook haven residents slept at the shelter last night but 250 were there for dinner.
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officials expect more to be back for breakfast. >> he we will not shut down until the last person has their power back. >> reporter: and for more information on the shelters that are open in delaware county and the one that is opening at 11:00 a.m. at ppl park visit us at live in brook haven, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. to south jersey where the storm recovery and cleanup continues, because of the extent of the damage and the way trees were twisted off many thought a tornado hit the area on tuesday but national weather service said it was straight line winds. a woman was screaming from help under a giant tree. makeneighbors pulled her out and she is expecting to be okay. meanwhile, a neighbor's flying roof tore a hole in this home, she is not happy with the insurance company. >> she said 24 to 48 hours, i said i'll call every hour until i get somebody assigned to the
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claim. i think that's pretty bad. >> nearby the storm picked up a duck boat and dropped it upside down in a neighbor's yard. mayor nutter got to meet with the mayor of rome for advice on handling papal crowds. brian taff was there and we just received his reports from italy. >> reporter: good morning from rome we're standing outside rome's city hall where early this morning the philadelphia delegation led by mayor nutter met with his romeman counter part. they talked about all the logistics that come with hosting a pope and the huge crowds that come to see him wherever he may go. obviously in rome that's an everyday occurrence. for mayor marino, philadelphia is a second home. he it was a transplant surgeon for years at jefferson hospital
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and he talked about his fondness for the city of brotherly love. >> it's a wonderful city and wonderful people, and i love to go back anytime i can and this time would be wonderful to be there. >> reporter: there are a few more meetings underway for the final day of meetings for the philadelphia delegation. coming up later today we expect to hear more in terms of hard facts numbers about the upcoming world meeting of families volunteers and money raised and how much is yet to be raised. as this day continues we'll have more on 6abc, for now in rome, brian taff channel 6 "action news." >> less than 100 days. >> we've got the pope clock in the newsroom. >> reporter: we do actually. >> reporter: we're counting down more quickly to the tall ships arriving, some of them in time delaware river. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry. it looks like we'll stay that way for the majority fortunate
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way. sky 6 on the delaware, there's the tall ships in the foreground and some on the new jersey side of river. we have our parade of sails special at 2:00 p.m. if you're heading to penns landing it will be a dry one for the arrival of the shims. 69 degrees currently and comfortable in philadelphia. dewpoint 56. winds northwest at 3 miles per hour. the verdict is in, that was not a tornado in east greenwich township, gloucester county it was a mark crow burst a form of straight line winds it happens when you have a thunderstorm dumping a lot of rain moving in a hurry it can push the air out at the surface in strong fashion. maximum wind estimated at 85 miles per hour that's the sort of thing that can do the same type of damage of a small tornado it lasted between 5 and 20 minutes.
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a strong gust like that 30 seconds is enough to cause damage. sunshine will give way to increase in clouds as we head into the afternoon and evening. future tracker 6 has us mainly dry, i wouldn't rule out a spotty shower horror thunderstorm. but most of the afternoon is okay. there is a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm especially from philadelphia south take cover from any storms in case they are gusty but it will not be anything as widespread as what we had on tuesday, most of you probably okay. the other part of the story is the temperature and the warmth. 72 by 8:00. 81 by 11, 83 by 2:00. 86 by 3:00 p.m. 83 and comfortable in allentown a little warmer in philadelphia, down along the boardwalks 80 from cape may to atlantic city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're going for a 86-degree high in philadelphia. clouds increasing most of the
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shower or thunderstorm activity in the evening. morning rain possible on friday, it ends quickly later in the day we have sun returning high of 78. friday night looks good. saturday, clouds build in the morning and rain arrives in the afternoon and evening. 72 the cooler high that would be a wave of low pressure that could bring a soaking rain at times saturday an saturday night. the 6abc, union game saturday night, bring an umbrella. sunday improving to 78 degrees, slight chance of a pop-up shower, mainly dry and warmer next week. >> nice, thanks david. >> up next, more news stories involving a serious crash of a bicycle booze cruise in the northwest. >> reporter: starting to see heavier traffic on 422 into the
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saint gabe's curve. delays on i-95 and new issue in southwest philadelphia when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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>> happening today philadelphia set to stand tall on the national stage with an incredible maritime display the city has not seen in 15 years let's take a live look on the delaware river where the tall ships sail into port this afternoon. some of the vessels have arrived, we've seen them on the water like that one. others will be floating down the
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river did you work a parade on the water. -- during a parade on the water. join us today for the tail ships parade of sails. karen rogers, alicia vitarelli sharrie williams and karen rogers will bring you the parade of tall ships going up the delaware. >> traffic is not sailing along, but it will. >> reporter: we'll have our big rubber ducky we are despited about the -- excited about the tall ships. you're hitting heavy traffic eastbound side 322 into 113. the sun glare not helping us out. that's small potatoes compared to what we're dealing with in other parts of chester county. the closures of 926 and baltimore pike because of downed
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trees and wires from the storm. route 1 closure has been giving us problems, smith bridge road or 322 are the alternates. traffic light troubles southwest philadelphia batter tram and 90th -- bartram and 90th street. we have all the normal delays on i-95 speeds have dropped to the teens between the betsy ross bridge and girard avenue. in gloucester county, the clean up continues, as well. downed wires in greenwich blocking 44. we have a bunch of traffic lights that are out in turnersville along the blowers. and in pitman closing delsea drive tam and nydia. >> police in minneapolis are praising the quick thinking of a group of bystanders involving a
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serious accident involved a car and pedal public. >> reporter: the operator was not hurt. the driver of the car was taken into custody and could chase charges of criminal vehicular injury. two victims of the charleston shooting will be laid to rest today. ame had bible started again last night. this was the same class that dylann roof was invited into before allegedly shooting arena killing nine people a week ago. the interim pastor led the group, the message of the session was the power of love. >> a live preview of "good morning america" is next. >> reporter: we're looking at a warm one today 86 degrees, i'll show you how we get there.
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an increase in cloud cover and showers around. we'll look at the national weather forecast to make sure you're not missing out on any thunderstorms or hitting any when you travel today.
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>> reporter: it's been a long week for a lot of people. we're getting close to friday, we're almost there. if you're heading out it won't be a long commute on 42, belmawr northbound traffic move be okay
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heading twalt the walt whitman bridge. ac rail line is halted following the storms on tuesday patco is back up and running on its thursday track work schedule. all the septa regional rails are back in business and on time. >> reporter: we're off to are a cool and comfortable starting point with temperatures in time upper 50s and uds increase during the day and late in the day and evening there's a chance of a spotty shower or perhaps a gusty thunderstorm. nothing like what we had in the other day and not as widespread. severe weather opportunities across the country from denver to the mid midwest and areas in the southern half of our area. if you're flying into any of
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these areas highlighted in yellow, keep your eye on e-mails for delays. >> 6:32, time for a preview of good morning. >> dan harris is joining us with a look at what's coming up after "action news." good morning dan. >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a.," breaking news, a new arrest in the price-break case, gene palmer cooled of playing a role in the -- accused of playing a role in the killers' escape. lindsey janice is at the scene of the church. new accusations of overcharging at whole foods store. this is not the first time this supermarket chain has been accused of this. we'll have the details coming up. the inspiring 16-year-old boy from north carolina who lost his arm in a shark attack speaking
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out opening up about his life now and how he vows to live the life to the fullest. deals and steals, big bargains $20 and under it's coming up on a busy thursday, back to you guys. >> thanks, dan. the daughter of whitney houston has been moved to hospice care. bobby christina's condition has worsened. in a statement pass houston said she is in god's hands now. we'll be right back.
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>> here's top story another day of cleanup? delaware county, thousands don't have power. ppl park in chester opens as a shelter. people can use the facilities to shower and cool off and get a meal. a blaze tore through a home in burlington township overnight. nobody was home at the time. >> reporter: looking at downed trees and downed wires and dealing with a delay a normal one southbound i-95 cottman to betsy ross bridge and girard.
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>> reporter: clouds increasing, evening shower horror thunderstorm possible, we should be dry for the parade of sails. i always want to say sarade of pace. [laughter]. >> we'll see you in 30.
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sharing. good morning, america. and breaking overnight, a new arrest in that prison break. a second prison worker. this guard accused of providing tools and favors to those escaped killers trading them for paintings created by this murderer as authorities fear the killers may have found guns. happening now, triple-digit temperatures scorching the west. fueling dozens of wildfires right now. torrential rain and flash floods leaving drivers stranded. a huge area of severe weather threatening tens of millions this morning and what is causing this giant whirlpool in the middle of a texas lake? also the supermarket shocker this morning. the huge grocery store chain accused of secretly overcharging customers. investigators now calling it the worst case they've ever seen and how they say they were getting away with it.


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